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Cosmetic Dentistry St.Catharines

Are you looking for Cosmetic Dentistry in St.Catharines? 

It's never too late to improve your smile. As we age, our teeth may become discoloured worn or. Older restorations may become damaged. Our gums may recede. Otherwise healthy teeth may not have the appearance you desire.

Tooth whitening treatments can brighten discoloured teeth veneers, which are custom-made shells covering the front side of teeth that can restore stained, worn, or chipped teeth; while maintaining a natural appearance.


Composite fillings made of tooth-coloured materials can be used in cavities or to replace worn out of. These tooth-coloured composite feelings may help improve the look of your smile. You may want to consider dental implants to fill in for missing teeth, replaced, damaged teeth or secure removable dentures or bridges, whatever your age.


It's never too late for a beautiful smile.

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